General informations & tests PHP/MySQL Version
Required Current
Web server Apache
PHP Type CGI with Apache Worker or another webserver
PHP Version 5.2.4 7.2.31
PHP MySQL Extension Required Not installed
We must connect to the MySQL server to check the configuration
MySQL Version 5.0 Not available, needs credentials.
PHP Configuration
Recommended Current
register_globals Off Off
magic_quotes_runtime Off Off
magic_quotes_sybase Off Off
register_long_arrays Off Off
register_argc_argv Off Off
memory_limit 64M 512M
file_uploads On On
upload_max_filesize 32M 128M
post_max_size 32M 130M
short_open_tag Off Off
safe_mode Off Off
expose_php 0 or Off 1
upload_tmp_dir writable ? Yes No
System temp dir /tmp/
System temp dir writable ? Yes Yes
Current dir /home/mlvm/www/v2/wp-content/plugins/phpwpinfo-master
Current dir writable ? Yes Yes
PHP Extensions
Required Current
GD Required Installed
ZIP Recommended Installed
FTP Recommended Installed
Exif Recommended Installed
CURL Recommended Installed
Opcode (APC or Xcache or eAccelerator or Zend Optimizer) Recommended Not installed
Memcache Optional Not installed
Multibyte String Recommended Installed
Tidy Optional Not installed
Mime type Optional Installed
Hash Optional Installed
set_time_limit Optional Available
Apache Modules
Required Current
Deflate Recommended Not installed
Env Recommended Not installed
Expires Recommended Not installed
Headers Recommended Not installed
Filter Recommended Not installed
Mime Recommended Not installed
Rewrite Recommended Not installed
Setenvif Recommended Not installed
Email Configuration
Send a test email to check that server is doing its job